Wedding Wednesday!

YAY! Today marks the 1st of many "Wedding Wednesday" posts. To say that I'm "excited" really doesn't cut it. I've pretty much been thinking about this post since I signed off last night.

Ok... I have 339 days left to plan the details of our wedding, and so far I have gotten my dress [thanks momma & daddy] and picked out the bridesmaids dresses & their shoes. In fact, I didn't even find the shoes, Nichole [matron of honor] did.

Yes, I have decided on certain details: colors/theme & ideas for centerpieces & flowers.

And... that pretty much sums it up.
I don't even have my venue booked yet. However, yesterday, I did go check out Vintage Court in Covington... And fell in love with the tree. This tree pretty much sets the tone for my entire vision of "Simple Country Elegance". This tree is also a historical monument, and rightfully so... it looks like something straight out of a faery tale or from the many dreams I've had of my wedding day since birth. There were a few cons on the list [size of reception area, # of tables, $ a little higher than I wanted] but I really just can't get past how perfect the ceremony would be under that tree...

And then there's a fancy little club called Money Hill in Abita Springs that may be promising. Momma & I will be checking it out on Friday. I only know of one bride to be married there... her pictures are gorgeous, but she doesn't really give good report. Guess we'll see on Friday.

Aside from needing to book the venue asap... I need to find a photographer that won't charge me my 1st born child just for pictures of my beloved day [I'm rather partial to Cami]. The thought has crossed my mind to solicit amateur photographers from the local university to help build their portfolio. Not completely sold on my idea, though.

Until next Wednesday, my friends!

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